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We are a Wisconsin based log home manufacturing company, shipping our log products to all 50 states.

Good morning Jeff. Thank you so much for all that you did for us yesterday. I can't thank you enough! When I can return the favor, please let me know. - January 26, 2007

Loader/Backhoe Service

Loader/Backhoe Service

Services provided:
Land clearing, tree and stump removal, brush burning and/or removal, trenching, back filling, digging for crawl spaces and small basements, building site preparations, road building, landscaping, small ponds and pond finishing, rock and boulder moving and placement.

I recently had some land clearing and brush consolidation/road building done by Jeff Glaza from Classic Log Homes. He found time right away to come and scope out the job and scheduled a date to come and work for me. He showed up promptly, worked overtime to finish the job, and when he came back the second day he graded my drive on the way in( 1/4 mile) just cause he thought it needed some smoothing!!! Jeff went above and beyond what I expected and I was there to help throw brush etc to see him work. He wastes no movement, doesn't hurt trees around the job, and goes out of his way to please the customer( Me!) I'm so happy now that I can get out and enjoy the 1/2 plus mile of roadway where there was previously just tops and slash from logging done before I bought my property! I now can get new trees planted and restore the forest. He also came back and helped me burn the piles and showed me how to safely reduce them to ashes. Thank-you Jeff! I know who to call if ever I need work done again!!
Ted Parker - February 20, 2007

Photos From Parker Job
February 2007

The pictures below are from a tree removal job. On this job we had to cut up a large willow that had broken in a storm and was threatening to fall on some wires.

Tree Removal

Tree Removal Tree Removal Tree Removal Tree Removal

Other Loader Pictures


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